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Barbi Stalburg Kasoff, 2022
Barbi Stalburg Kasoff, 2022


Stalburg Design is a design consulting firm specializing in residential and commercial architecture and consulting, interior design, custom fine cabinetry, and urban design. It began in 2011 from a strong desire to help people create better spaces to call home. After spending several years in corporate design firms, Barbi Stalburg Kasoff gained extensive knowledge in urban design and project management working with people across the country. From traditional small town main streets to larger urban infill projects, one common theme remains: people want to feel a sense of belonging. People want to feel a sense of "ownership" and pride over the spaces in which they reside. 

Barbi Stalburg Kasoff earned a Bachelor of Science in Architecture in 1993, followed by a Master of Architecture in 1996 and a Master in Urban Planning in 1997 all from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, including extensive studies in Florence, Italy and design studios in Detroit, Michigan. However, this educational training led to the realization that only getting in the field and working side by side with several communities can truly teach a designer how to learn the true art of creativity and flexibility while working within a real budget. She spent over a decade traveling across the country to help assist in main street revitalizations, traditional town planning projects, community master planning, and lead teams through innovative project designs that ultimately allowed each unique community to find home. From Bangor, Maine to Baton Rouge, Lousiana, each community has a desire to create their own vision of authenticity. Stalburg Kasoff took this training and then began working at a smaller scale, finding the interior spaces just as challenging and rewarding as custom kitchens and bathrooms became the result of each client's individual taste. 

And now, with an in house team of designers and contractors, Stalburg Design provides assistance and consulting services for individual homeowners to create that sense of place with attention to each project's unique set of parameters and budget.